My Fantasy Football Shirt is part of the Reiter Digest Network, a group that has been committed to bringing the community a wide variety of quality fantasy football content across various platforms for years.

Beginning with just a couple of guys that loved football and wanted to bring their ideas to the fantasy football community, The Reiter Digest Network began with The IDP Guys Podcast. The podcast spread to written content and quickly expanded across the fantasy football landscape to provide content on IDP, redraft, and dynasty.

Spanning two websites, four podcasts, and a long list of youtube shows and live streams, the Reiter Digest Network has been working tirelessly to help contribute to and improve the rapidly growing fantasy football community.

The IDP Guys, Dynasty Football Digest, and the various affiliated podcasts and youtube shows have created a number of leagues to interact with other members of the community, and we found that there was a distinct lack of options for creating custom fantasy football merchandise and apparel for our leagues.

My Fantasy Football Shirt Design Team

Enter My Fantasy Football Shirt. We wanted to create a place where people could utilize our graphic design team to create custom fantasy football apparel for their leagues and promote their individual brands. Unfortunately for the fantasy football community, there were frustratingly few options, and not everyone was capable of creating their own unique designs.

My Fantasy Football Shirt was born out of this void in the fantasy football community. There is now a place where you can bring us your ideas, and we will do the design and manufacturing for you. We built this website to make it as easy as possible for you to get high quality designs and products, tailored specifically to your needs, for all of your fantasy football needs.

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